Back to Normal?

Here I am writing a blog. Nothing very special about. Except that there's a gap, of nearly two months. On December 2nd I went into hospital to a replacement hip operation, and on January 19th I had the follow-up appointment which confirms that this has been a success. I can walk into Much Wenlock, and drive the car. I can put on my own socks, and - almost - sleep through the night. But I no longer need to get up, god downstairs and make a drink, sometimes two or even three times a night. It's a massive change, and this is why it's taken so long.

It may be that I slip some entries into this gap, catch up from various notes and cuttings the thing I might have entered if I'd been more alert, or even able to sit at the computer without discomfort, but don't bank on it. The world keeps rapidly turning, now more than ever, and it may be as much as I can do to keep up with the present, never mind the past.