I started writing drama when I was a young teacher, because I wanted to produce plays with kids and none of the school texts seemed right. My aim was to make sure there were interesting ideas, and good acting opportunities for the whole cast, even if the language was simple and many of the speeches were short. I have also written adult scripts.


Winner - Drama Association of Wales Playwriting Award in 2000 (Legendary Lives)

Winner - Grizedale Arts playwriting competition in 2002 (Coke on the Rocks)

Winner (one of three) - Crystal Clear radio playwriting competition in 2007 (No Side But My Own)

Published Plays

Power Plays (Edward Arnold)
Under Pressure (Edward Arnold)
Looking for the Moon (CUP)
Witness in Scripts and Sketches (Heinemann)

Plays published by ZigZag Education

Citizen Scripts
Brief Lives
Ten Short and Comic Scripts

Plays published by New Theatre Playwrights

Legendary Lives
Jaffa Cakes


Stars Before We Fall - Broseley Youth Theatre in 2003

Starting Again - Woodside Regeneration in 2004.

Radio Drama

You can see the attraction. Five slots a week, fifty slots in a year, how hard can it be...?
For the full story, go to My Radio Drama Career.