I'm a Shropshire poet, living in Much Wenlock. I deal with a wide range of subjects, in a variety of forms.

My blog, Paulemic, offers a commentary on culture and the news.

I have had a wide variety of books published, some of which are still available.

I have performed all over the West Midlands, and published a range of books and pamphlets

Examples of my work, and details of performances and publications, can be found in Poems and Plays. There are topical poems in Poems from the News.

My article On the Damascus Road criticises Andrew O’Hagan’s LRB piece about Grenfell Tower.

I worked for thirty years in comprehensive schools, publishing many articles and books on education.

Who really swayed the Brexit vote? If you add up the digital traffic from Vote Leave and Leave.EU, it’s less than what was coming from Russia. How do I know that? From the report of a Parliamentary sub-committee. For the full details, see Putin’s Brexit.