Interesting little story in today's Observer, not given massive prominence, but to me a sign of the times. A new poll finds that 18-34 year olds believe that reducing immigration is the least important issue Theresa May should focus on as she prepares to take the UK out of the EU.

Well, kids. What do they know? It is actually their future that we're fixing, but canny politicians know that more of the fogeys vote than the kids, so it's their choices which actually have clout. From the mess that was the LEAVE campaign, Theresa May has selected "reducing immigration" as the bit that counts (rather than, say, "spending more on the NHS"), but what she's also doing is favouring the preferences of people who won't be around to pick up the pieces. This is, in the words of the poem

"..the little island in the west
where the old outvote the young."