Steve Jobs

A really pleasant surprise. I'd booked to see the Steve Jobs movie on the strength of a decent review, but a bit worried about the Aaron Sorkin script - not a big West Wing fan, with all these smart people charging down corridors, delivering smug one-liners. It was a lot better than that. Danny Boyle is hardly ever just dull, and the device of fixing on three particular incidents - each a launch of a different product, at a key point in Jobs' career - worked really well. They covered a lot of ground, but within a clearly marked structure. At the heart of it is Jobs himself, a real mixture - brilliant and insightful, but a total pain - with Michael Fassbender covering all those bases with total conviction. Neat portraits of the various people with whom he worked, and whom he invariably drove to distraction.  Not world-shaking, but a good professional job, which leaves you with a lot to think about as you come out.