A voice of sanity

Amidst the mess and the nonsense, there are a few people thinking clearly and - usuallu - talking sense. Owen Jones, Ha-Joon Chang and, today especially, John Harris. He's made sense all through the various campaigns, ducking the hysteria and the generalisations to talk to actual people. In today's Guardian he has a terrific piece about EU nationals coming to Peterborough in search of a better life. they work hard, they move from being casual to full time, employees to employers.

Which raises a question, that Harris phrases with impeccable calm:   "Most of the EU citizens i have spoken to in Peterborough do not have a left-wing thought in their heads; they believe in a credo of self-reliance, hard work and home ownership. In a British context, these ideas are as Tory as they come. So how come so many Conservatives now want to slam the door on their most devout adherents?"