Suddenly, poetry is hot...

Poetry on the box. Who'd a thunk it? for years, telly averts have used doggerel which makes you want to curl up and die. Now Nationwide have the nous to use good poets like Hollie McNish, writing decent poems, which are about real people and not just flogging mortgages.

And now BBC of all places, has two hours of poetry on a Saturday night. Amazing. Railway Nation has a varied relay of writers, getting on and off the London-Glasgow train, just like Auden's Night Mail. Liz Berry, sly, observant and affectionate, picking up on the little horses in the Midlands landscape, but also on the vitality of two girls in her compartment. Andrew McMillan, sounding lyrical and intense, in the course of simple observation - we don't get that every weekend.

But after that comes Kate Tempest, sweeping in like a hurricane, somehow remembering a varied, detailed, humane monster of a poem with music, Let them Eat Chaos. Totally breathtaking.