Illustrated Sonnets is a collection of poems and photographs by Paul Francis. 

Paul is married to Linda Francis, who is an active volunteer involved in organising Singing for the Brain groups in Telford and Shrewsbury. All proceeds from this booklet go to the Alzheimer's society.

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Illustrated Sonnets
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for Rod Pomery, head forester and designer of stiles, Dudmaston Hall 1982-2009

More ways than one to skin a cat, to lose
a lover, or to interrupt a fence.
You mark a border, fine. Keeps in the cows,
keeps out the trespassers, makes sense.
But then the humans need a passage through,
free range across the boundaries. You could
have IKEA units, mass produced on cue,
square, stolid building blocks, Lego in wood.
That’s not my way. I make originals,
design and fashion structures and facades,
a sequence of surprises, worked with guile:
chained uprights fanning like a hand of cards,
alternate wood and space, diagonals –
each one my own inimitable stile.