“The whole collection is full of good things: witty, satirical, angry, gentle or savage but unfailingly observed by a poet very much in touch with contemporary issues. Highly commended.” (Peter Wooldridge, Shropshire Review, July 2010)

A glimpse inside:

The ending of A Colour Scheme for Tess:

Just once, I took control.
The sheer release, as the chasm opened up
on the day I chose to please myself.
One man, and so much blood…
I left the landlady, a paragon of white,
mouth open, as above her head
she watched her ceiling, once inviolate,
become a colony, a country then
a continent of red.

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And now it’s done.
This slab of rock is grey and hard
but as the sun comes up
I’m sleeping still.
Around the ring of stones
a noose of officers is closing,
slipping tight. No drama, no escape.
They have me bang to rights,
red-handed, ready for the rope.