This Means More

It’s Barcelona/Liverpool, the semi-final stage
as Jurgen Klopp’s adventure begins a bright new page.
They’re going to the Nou Camp, a bit like going to war;
they’ll have to put a shift in; they’ll surely need to score.
It’s end-to-end, exciting, they pay with guts and heart
but a pass from Jordi Alba rips Liverpool apart.
Suarez is there to meet it, with joy he slides it in.
No muted celebrations, ‘cos Luis likes to win.
The reds have had their chances, but this is not their night.
They make the runs, get sight of goal, but nothing goes quite right.
A comedy of errors extends the lead: two–nil.
And then the maestro Messi is closing for the kill.
Free kick, outside the area. Good keeper, solid wall
but he still finds the corner with the perfect pin-point ball.
They’re champions, not for nothing; they’ve teamwork, skill and speed
and now they’ll come to Anfield with a comfy three-goal lead.

This is the crunch for Liverpool, the night they have to score.
Can they keep Barcelona out, and somehow still get four?
With their deadly strike-force trio they’re in it with a shout.
No Salah, no Firmino; there has to be a doubt.
But Jurgen is an optimist and hope is never dead;
this team will never walk alone, its heart is deepest red.
Time was the good ship Liverpool was leaky at the back
but with Van Dijk and Alisson they’re surely back on track.
Klopp spends the money wisely, the fans all think he’s God
and here’s the proof – a miracle: a large, united squad.
Origi and Shaqiri don’t often get to play
but when the chance is offered they’ll grab it all the way.  

 For Suarez and Coutinho the welcome’s extra loud;
the team sheet may be different but there’s passion in this crowd.
It’s not all one-way traffic, there’s chances either end
but the force is with the home team and Liverpool won’t bend.
This is a night for workrate, for running till you drop
for tackling anything that moves. Believe, like Jurgen Klopp.
Origi gets the first one. A rebound, sure, but hey
last time they didn’t get the luck but this could be their day.
Wijnaldum, super sub, slides in the sweetest shot you’ll see
then rises like a rocket to head in number three.

Trent Alexander-Arnold still has a point to make.
Klopp dropped him from the first leg. Was that his one mistake?
A corner. Barcelona are slow to get in place.
He risks a pass along the ground – two bounces, not much pace.  
A training-ground manoeuvre.Good for a laugh, you feel,
but in a semi-final? This kid has verves of steel.
Origi sweeps it in the net. Defenders gaze, aghast,
defeated by opponents too hard, too smart, too fast.
They’ve done the unbelievable – scored four and let none in.
The fans, the team, without their stars, have found a way to win.
Yes, miracles can happen. That is the golden rule.
They claim that “this means more”. Tonight, it does. It’s Liverpool.