Around the World in Eighty Deals

He’s touting deals for Britain, God bless his cotton socks
He’s a global Duracell bunny, is little Liam Fox.
Three hundred thousand miles – that’s further than the moon
And how much trade has been secured? We should know very soon.
To Vietnam, Uganda, Panama, seen them all;
No continent’s too distant, no country is too small.
It’s true that at the moment our trade with Germany
Is double that with China – but just you wait and see.
Sir Martin Donnelly once worked at International Trade
A former civil servant, he’s utterly dismayed.
For him us leaving the EU does not have much appeal –
Like settling for a pack of crisps, instead of a three-course meal.
But Liam thinks Sir Martin should change his viewpoint, fast;
He’s blinded by his background, a prisoner of the past.
Look forward, face the future, fly faster, beat the clocks
As he keeps spinning round the globe, intrepid Phileas Fox.