A Piece of Work

In London the divorce court is addressed by Randy Work
Who argues he’s exceptional, he’s not your average jerk.
A hundred and forty million quid are the assets of this pair
And Randy argues that by right he gets the lion’s share.
It’s her who smashed the happy home, his partner Mandy Gray
Who with their physiotherapist began to play away.
She broke pre-nup agreements, so he expects the law
To see that he’s the better half, ensure that he gets more.

The judges aren’t convinced at all. Is Randy having a laugh?
They said the usual rules apply, they’ll split it half and half.
This highly intelligent woman went with him to Japan
Gave up a promising career to be beside her man.
He worked for Lone Star, Texas, in private equity;
Japan’s financial crisis was an opportunity.
Exploiting others’ weakness is common, not a crime
But it’s not brilliant either; right place, the perfect time.
So Work is not a genius; he’s a self-important banker
Who thinks he’s something special when he’s just another wanker.