The Ballad of Milo Yiannopoulos

A thirty-three year old from Kent who doesn’t like himself
Creates this comic character, a brash, defiant elf.
Are feminists all ugly? Have liberals all gone mad?
If you mock transgender people you shouldn’t feel bad.

His face is like a choirboy’s, there’s days when he seems nice
But Milo is a bastard with a heart as cold as ice.
Fascism’s out of fashion, they call themselves alt. right
And Milo says what they don’t dare, with an extra dash of spite.

Ghostbusters does a remake; for him it’s two steps back –
The guys are played by women, and one of them is black.
He goes for her on Twitter so violently he’s banned
But that makes him a hero: his followers understand.
He finds his way to Breitbart, he clings on like a leech
Refers to Trump as “Daddy”, and Trump supports free speech.
The way he makes his arguments he didn’t learn at school
But how he shifts those numbers is really rather cool.
TV producers love him, the way their ratings grow,
He gets a massive book advance ‘cos hate is good to go.

Then a video clip emerges above the sea of noise
I know it’s controversial, but...old men and younger boys...
He always was a gambler and now he pays the cost;
The contracts all are cancelled and the promised land is lost.
Racism, Islamophobia, misogyny are fine
But hint at paedophilia and you’ve really crossed the line.
It’s good to know some standards still matter, at the death
But is that the last of Milo? You shouldn’t hold your breath.