The rabid Eurosceptics are getting Cameron down.
Give them their referendum – then chase them out of town.
He can’t foresee a problem, no unexpected knocks
It’s in the national interest that the Tory Party rocks.

Go easy when campaigning, don’t knock the Brexit men
Cos after this is over they’ll all be mates again
They’d no more share with Labour than invite a dose of pox
Forget the national interest – the Tory Party rocks.

Shock horrors. When it’s over, it’s May – would you believe?
She balances her cabinet between Remain and Leave.
Can Boris do diplomacy, bless his cotton socks?
He’ll wreck the national interest but the Tory Party rocks.

EU negotiations. Embarrassing, or what?
There’s David Davis burbling a steady stream of rot.
A constant flow of nonsense from little Liam Fox
Who knows no national interest, but the Tory Party rocks!

And then, a deal’s in prospect. Some daylight we can see
Until the whole thing’s scuppered by the bloody DUP.
They are the votes Theresa bought, they’re turning back the clocks
It’s all about self-interest when the Tory Party rocks.