True Grit

GB are in the final, we have the winning touch
But if we want Olympic gold we’ll have to beat the Dutch.
The Dutch are reigning champions, they’ve seen it all before
The last Olympic game they lost was in two thousand four.
Two years back we’re eleventh, which wasn’t good enough
So Danny Kerry gathered round a squad of sterner stuff.
The hours of meeting, training, of organised desire
Has forged a group identity, in planning, sweat and fire.
For fate is what you make it, the game’s there to be won
They’ll keep off social media until this match is done.

They pinch an early goal but then the Dutch attack in waves
We’re hanging by our fingernails and Maddie Hinch’s saves.
A blizzard of short corners; somehow she keeps them out
But that can’t last forever – it’s looking like a rout.
The Dutch have the possession, the tactics and the skill
The Brits have run their hearts out; we still retain the will
But can’t relieve the pressure, we give the ball away
Until at last we equalise against the run of play.

Now, back to where we started, waiting for the gun:
It’s penalties, the showdown, the final one-to-one.
We’ve given everything but fate is asking “What you got?”
And Maddie has her notebook, which tells her who does what.
One scores after the hooter, one hits against the post
But still she keeps her goal intact just when we need her most.
Kate calmly puts a flick away, then Hollie smacks hers in
And the long, long wait is over – the party can begin.