P R Man

P R Man

It doesn't matter much. Not here or there
a euro referendum. He's not keen.
Eton and Oxford, cool and debonair,
the leader needs to dominate the scene.

He hugs the hoodies, and he says he’s green
feeding the polls to boost the Tory share.
So long as newsbites have that instant sheen
it doesn’t matter much, not here or there.

He follows in the steps of Tony Blair –
promise the earth, keep moving, smart and clean.
The sceptics, banging on, are in his hair.
A Euro referendum? He’s not keen

but they’ve a smooth electoral machine
which drip-feeds doubt to generate a scare.
He stays detached, while others vent their spleen;
Eton and Oxford, cool and debonair.

He won’t attack his colleagues, plays it fair
(he’d no idea the tabloids were this mean)
until the lying rankles; he goes spare.
The leader needs to dominate the scene

but then he loses. There’s no in-between.
He might show anger, guilt, regret, despair...
"That didn’t go to plan." A shame-faced teen
who knows the coolest thing is not to care.
It doesn’t matter much.