TV interviews

How do you find out about serious artists? Easy. You watch someone interview them on TV. not so easy. the art of asking the right questions, of getting people to talk and then actually to listen to what they say, so as to guide further questions, is really difficult. As people get used to it - Wark, Lawson, Yentob - they slip into a self-important ease, an assumption that actually they're on a par with these people, are just as interesting as these people, and maybe they deserve the same amount of time..But then someone gives the amateurs a go, and you realise why the professionals have a job. Cillian Murphy talking to Ken Loach should have been brilliant. Mates, who've done good work together, and clearly have a mutula affection and respect. Deeply embarrasisng. Murphy smiles and stutters, searches for the right words to say, oozes relaxation and obviously, like so many actors, wishes to be loved - but hasn't actually put much thought into which questions he's going to ask. Locah manages to say some interesting things nonetheless, but it's a massive wasted opportunity.