The truth about development

I just love The Guardian. Because they are who they are, they get the scoops that other papers can't or wouldn't touch. Today's treat is an inside look into the world of property development. The Candy brothers are delighted with their One Hyde Park development, and have produced a glowing video in its praises. Richard Rogers, architect, praises them as good developers, needing to make a return on their money. Chris Candy says he loves this development so much he visits it every week. Oops. The Guardian not only has the video. They have a memo from the Candys' tax accountant, who does not like what he sees. The Candys aren't officially the developers; it's supposed to be a firm somewhere in Guernsey. Rogers shouldn't be saying they get a good return on their money. Chris Candy, as a Monaco tax exile, can't possibly be visiting One Hyde Park every week. If anyone was interested in enforcing tax regulations there's a lot here for them to work on, so the adviser suggests some changes which would "hugely improve the tax profile." This is accountantspeak for "lies that might keep you out of jail." But the Candys are big-time donors to the Conservative Party, so don't hold your breath.