Given the dross of later summer TV, I've made an effort to make sure I’ve got alternative viewing, and I’ve just finished a leisurely trawl through the five parts of Chernobyl, pacing myself at one episode a night. You don’t really want more. It;’s heavy stuff, with very few laughs, but it’s seriously and intelligently done, and they’ve put in a massive effort o recreate the site, and the sense of the neighbourhood area, eventually evacuated, leaving only stray pets who have to be shot. Going through the reviews there are occasional niggles about stuff which might not be exactly the same as what happened in real life, but considering it’s a Western look at the intricacies of Russian politics, and a five-hour exploration of widespread suffering and acute illness, it dodges many of the obvious traps with rare skill. some terrific acting, and a sustained sense of wanting to tell a complex story as accurately as possible. I borrowed this set of discs, but it’s something I’ll want to buy for myself and watch again - but not just yet.