The Devil's Work

A telling litlle nugget on last night’s news. An irate Labour MP, having received a threat, reproaches Dominic Cummings for the tone of his campaign. He doesn’t offer sympathy or regret, or deny what he’s been doing. “Deliver Brexit” is all he says. It’s simple. Get it done, and this’ll stop, because to Cummings that’s all it is, a temporary expedient to get the result he wants. But he isn’t, to coin a phrase, in control.The nastiness will spread and go on, way beyond Brexit. Cummings may have no use for it, but it will develop a life of its own, just like the Brexit campaign. Farage and Banks didn’t plan for Jo Cox to be killed - it was just an incidental side effect of the xenophobia they encouraged to help them win the vote. All the estimates I’ve seen of what’s likely to follow a no-deal Brexit suggests that things will get much, much worse before they get better, but to Cummings that means nothing at all. Just get it done.