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We often get to see news as it happens these days, but it’s not often good. Today, I had the beautiful experience of watching something important happen, before my eyes, exactly as other people saw it for the first time. the 24 hour news coverage of the Supreme Court verdict started with total suspense - Lady Hale was talking, but we couldn’t hear a thing. Luckily, they sorted the problem, and in seconds we were with her, following that careful, patient trail, of an intelligent brain tracing out a complex argument. For once, we hadn’t had advance leaks, wise experts telling us what was about to be said. and none of the wise experts had predicted that it would be this tough, this damning, this unanimous. Obviously, the judges knew thatthis would be controversial, would be disputed, insulted, like everything else so they were very careful to make it considered and responsible - which is a rare treat these days. I’m sure some what happens next will be nasty, but I don’#t care. I’ll treasure this morning all my life.