Alternative Views

Every time I say that I devour The Guardian every day somebody suggests that this is a limited taste, and maybe I should look at the alternatives. I do, occasionally. Knowing the Supreme court decision on Tuesday was going to be explosive, I picked up copies next day of the Sun, the Mail and the Express. Hale had said that Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was “not lawful.” so, they play around with the word “lawful” and come up with this: “What’s lawful about denying 17.4 million Brexit?” (EXPRESS)), or, if you want the cheeky version “ooh, you are lawfukl…but we don’t like you!” Lady Hale was “the ex-barmaid with a spider brooch…the Beyonce of the legal world.” (MAIL) “but it does not change the arithmetic in the Commons” (EXPRESS).

There was a big stress on Johnson’s determination - “My pal Johnson will make great progress claims Trump” (EXPRESS),. “Defiant Boris hits out at Supreme Court ruling…We’ll deliver the will of the people”, but hardly any recognition that he’s behaving like no other Prime Minister has ever behaved before, and that many Tories regard this judgement as a huge embarrassment to their party. Brexit is all that counts; the rest is treachery.