Taking over the West Bank

Netanyahu, facing corruption charges, is desperately fighting for his political life, and if he can win this election that should keep him out of prison. so what’s the surefire way to ramp up the vote? more land. Take over more territory which used to belong to the Palestinians. that ought to do it.

And the trouble is, it will. Who’s going to stop it? there was a time when a UN resolution might have made a difference, but that’s long gone. Israel has trampled over endless UN resolutions, and held on to everything it’s grabbed. Occasionally, with Carter or Obama, there seemed to be hints that the US might exert some pressure in the direction of justice, but not any more. Trump has decided that he’s for Israel, and they know that anything they do will get his support. so much for “the deal of the century”.

If the Palestinians conclude that they’re on their own and might as well do as much damage as they can before they go down, who could blame them? The rest of us have watched and wrung our hands, but not with any effect.