Whose Brexit Is It anyway?

I know his delivery drives some people mad, but Robert Peston does get good information, and attract interesting characters on to his show. It’s usually scrambled and running ouyt of time, and if I were one of his guests I’d feel cheated that I hadn’t got the chance to say all that I wanted, but as a viewer I usually come away wiser than I started. This week it was, of all people, Nigel Farage. Peston treats him politely, treading a canny line which avoids blustering disapproval and obsequious abdication (which is rare, if you watch others attempting the same trick). But without any melodramatic nonsense, what comes over is massively revealing. First, Farage knows, just knows, that the 17 million people voting for Brexit wanted no deal. Really? It was never around in the campaign, and there must be tons of people out there who voted Leave thinking “Not that. That wasn’t what I voted for.” Second, Farage maintains the “Project Fear” dismissal about predictions, even when they come from an official information source, working for Johnson’s government. not, not a problem, says Nigel. How does he know? He used to be involved in trading for twenty years. There’s lots of ports, tons of opportunity - no problem. I don’t suppose many of his supporters are tuning into Peston to check on the latest arguments, but I for one was not impressed. This whole thing is all about fantasy, and the sooner we wake up the better.