Binge Watching

Back in the day, you discovered a good TV series, and then watched the episodes unfold, week after week. that’s how I watched Talking to a Stranger, The Singing Detective and, only this year, Years and Years. But now there’s the dreaded indulgence of binge-watching, where all the parts are made available straight away. I decided I wasn’t really interested in Fosse/Verdon, the story of choreographer/director Bob Fosse and one of his wives. But then I read a review which told me that (a) that Michelle Williams was in it and (b) that it was really good. (In my experience, those two things usually go together). It’s brilliant. Clever, thoughtful, complicated - you jump around in time, and the relationship between the two lead characters develops all the time, but it’s tremendous, one of the best things I’ve seen this year. so yes, I’ll confess. I watched all eight episodes within a week (on iplayer), and almost wish I hadn’t. But whichever way you tackle it, don;'‘t let the chance slip by.