Sonnets with notes

Today I launched a collection of poems. that sounds like a momentous event, but I’ve actually run quite a lot of launches recently, as I’ve got into the habit of producing short topical pamphlets: book the Priory Hall, get nibbles and drinks, summon supportive friends. I read a few poems, we chat about the issues, eat and drink a bit more, and then go home - all within an hour. A pleasant kind of routine.

But this one was different. sonnets with notes isn’t a pamphlet, it’s a proper book - with a spine and an ISBN, produced by Orphans Press (who yet again were brilliant). And it contains 50 of my best sonnets (chosen from 400) from the last twenty years - so it’s a much more considered collection than the 36-page pamphlets I’ve thrown together within a few months. In so far as I have a poetic legacy, this is probably it. Certainlt the majority of my successes have come from sonnets (8 first-three placings out of 11, if you want the figures), so it’s been a pleasure to get this book in my hands, and the response of good poets I trust has been really gratifying.