A Confession

There’s more than enough police procedurals, so I often hear the hype, give them a try, and then decide within half an hour that they’re too formulaic/hysterical/violent/unrealistic and I save a lot of time by not clocking in to watch them again. but this one was different. a confession took its time, and took the people seriously. There was a detective, and he solved a couple of crimes, but he was also selfish and obsessive and hard to be around, and that was spelled out very gradually. We didn’t have close-ups of murdered girls, but we had two mothers, interestingly contrasted, who’d both had their lives turned upside down when their daughters were killed. and although this series had a chillingly convincing killer and some crucial court scenes, the real action was inside the heads of these three people - and since they had an intelligent scriptwirter, lots of time and three superb actors, it made for compulsive viewing. Catch it while you can.