Simple Solutions

And yes, it's Trump again. Sorry about that, but it's hard to resist, when the man just keeps on throwing up tasty little nuggets of controversy. (There's also the sense that this can't possibly last, that any minute now all the toys will go out of the pram and he'll stump back to Trump Tower, to gaze at his gold reflection.) 

This is a tiny scrap, which most media haven't picked up, but I think it's significant. After a reasonably conventional quote regretting the latest terrorist outrage (in Barcelona) Trump gets to musing about "what General Pershing did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"

What Pershing did (or may not have done - there are serious doubts about this story's  authenticity) was to dip bullets in pig's blood, shoot 49 of the terrorists, and then instruct the 50th to go back to his mates and report what he'd just seen. Could anyone seriously believe that such an action would simply cancel out the impulses behind the current wave of terrorist attacks? Trump, apparently. Just as he believed it was simple to "drain the swamp", easy to lock up Hillary and build the wall, no problem to simple scrub out Obamacare. But look where we are now on each of those innocent childish dreams. Government actually is much harder than it looks.