Right-wing violence

Ivanka Trump is smart enough to see that there's no justification for the aggression and violence shown by right-wing demonstrators at Charlottesville. Some issues can be fudged or evaded, but racism as crude and destructive as that doesn't leave any room for equivocation. Unless, of course, you're her dad. Yet again, Trump insists on the right to define his own universe, to pretend that the killing of a paralegal resulted from evenly distributed extremism from left as well as right, rather than being the very specific result of cultivated hatred. Partly, of course, because he's one of the ones who's been doing the cultivating, and his presence in the White House depends on the vehement support of white supremacists. Whether he'll see the need for a more mature, detached view, which doesn't relate to his own immediate self-interest, only time will tell. But don't hold your breath.