Humphrys harrumphing again

I don't listen to Today. Can't stand the sound of Humphreys and Naughtie, assuring us that they know how the world works. but I was glad to see newspaper reports of John Humphrys coming unstuck, as he seeks to put Johanna Konta in her place. "I seem to remember" he says, acting casual, "that the Australian high commissioner, when you won the quarter-final, said 'Great to see an Aussie win.' " (HEAVY HINT so you're not really British, are you?)

She laughs (I like that bit.) "I was actually born in Australia to Hungarian parents. But I've lived half my life here now, almost, so I'm a British citizen and I'm incredibly proud to represent Great Britain."

Could he graciously accept that he got it wrong, and back down? Of course he couldn't. He has to have another go. "You were, so I read, the 388th best junior in Australia. Now, normally, people wouldn't look at you and say "Ah, she is a future champion."

She laughs again. "That's not entirely accurate as well because, actually, I won the under-12s nationals in Australia when i was a youngster, so I was definitely one of the best in the country." All right, John? Had enough? You're so lucky she's relaxed enough to be amused by your rudeness, instead of smacking you in the face as you deserve.