Keeping Families Together

The Brexit negotiations keep throwing up these tasty little ironies. Theresa May, in Brussels, reassuring worried Europeans: "I want all those EU citizens who have made their lives and homes in our country to know that no one will have to leave. We won't be seeing families split apart; people will be able to go on living their lives as before."

And she says all that with a straight face. For those of us who've been reading the papers over the last twelve months, there's never been a time when foreign residents in this country have been less secure. Lunatic deportations and threats, often involving people who've lived here for years and caused no kind of threat or trouble, and all because May thinks that the Leave vote was not only about immigration (rather than, say, money for the NHS), but was an endorsement of Nigel Farage rather than Michael Gove or Boris Johnson. One of the pleasures of watching her floundering about is the hope that her ludicrously punitive approach to immigration may get modified.