Getting Over Brexit

Who's going to heal the wounds? Well, Grayson Perry, of course. He will chat up, collect photos from, a range of Leave and Remain voters. Then he'll put together two vases, which will contain the essence of the two sides, and bring them together in a finale of resolution. On a personal level it works well. He is possibly the most engaging interviewer on the whole of television, and his final coup - that if you ask Leave and Remain voters to send in photos of what they value, the results will be very similar - is clever and cheering.

But. But it isn't as simple as he implies. The deep bitterness among Remain voters is not just at the result. It's at the manner of the campaign - deceitful, calculating, demeaning. It's all very well to contrast Arron Banks and Gina Miller as emotion and reason, and say that Remain failed to find an emotional approach that resonated. True enough, but what was he looking for? "Follow LEAVE logic, and you end up killing Jo Cox?"  Arron Banks is personable and witty, but he also spent seven million pounds quite deliberately appealing to brute racism. Perry had one casualty of that, the single migrant in Boston brave enough to appear on camera, and he's still paying the cost. Is everything still OK, Grayson? I think not.