Winning the Cup

Yes, children, of course winning is everything, but there's winning and winning. On Wednesday night Mourinho gives Manchester something to cheer about in a week when they definitely need it - but what a dire display. Not interested in possession, not interested in creating anything. Get a couple of goals from a lucky deflection and a goalmouth scramble, and then sit in the trenches, shooting them down. This hugely talented, expensive club is reduced to hoofing it up to Fellaini, in the hope that he can nod it on - if there's anybody that high up the field.

And now this. Oh my God. Arsenal, my favourite, totally exasperating team, have not only won the FA cup, they've done it by outplaying, outmuscling, even, the best team in the UK. Sure, they had a bit of luck with the first goal, but then Chelsea got one back and almost immediately Arsenal produced a winning goal of speed, clarity and class. If you put together a reel of the most exciting forward movements, there'd be more of Arsenal than of Chelsea. But there's also the spellbinding spectacle of wily old Per Mertesacker, who's played less than an hour of football this season, lasting the entire match at the heart of a defence constantly under pressure. It can't just be me that was moved by this. Mourinho and Wenger each have a cup to be proud of, but I know which achievement I admire most.