First among equals

I'm reading John Bew's Citizen Clem, a biography of Attlee. I knew he was good, but hadn't realised just how good. and while people are underestimating him, patronising him, he just gets on with the job of running things, and running them really well. Here's what he says about being Prime Minister: "The essential quality in a prime minister was that he should be a good chairman, able to get others to work together." Oh, boy. When did we last have someone who had half a clue what that meant? Bevan was moody and egotistical, but given the right context, could work miracles. Attlee gave him the right context, putting up with the showboating because he was getting a health service and a lot of houses. Meanwhile Theresa is being encouraged to think of herself as the supremo who cannot be challenged, who must suppress any thought or initiative unless it comes from her own limited circle. And Corbyn, who should by rights be more collegiate and aware, seems to have no clue how to hold a group together. It's going to be a stormy ride.