Oh yes, that's just what we need. Like the rest of the country, I'm with Brenda, gobsmacked and incredulous that they could really be putting us through all this again. Tactically, it makes perfect sense, but I'd really rather not have Theresa May telling me that the country is united after Brexit - it's just a few moaney MPs who are getting in the way...And the most serious threats are hers (which of course is why she wants a bigger majority, so she can tell some of them to get lost). and for those of us who fear the Tory right who's the best bet to curb their power, if only a little? You've got it. A more secure Theresa May. 

And then there's the deeper depression, of our lunatic system which doesn't match seats to votes, but disqualifies huge numbers of voters across the country from having any effect at all. and there's the rules, like the rules on spending, which the Tory Party and the Leave campaign have both systematically broken, without this apparently making any difference to the result. How can we possibly treat this ramshackle system with any kind of respect? And then there's the media, who did such a great of covering the Brexit debate. There's a few sane voices, like Gina Miller, trying to inject some kind of rational sanity into this mess, but i have to admit I'm not hopeful.