Line of Duty

And here we go again. that tense feeling, as a familiar favourite returns to the screen, and you start to wonder "Is this the time they're going to cock it up?" I've been a Jed Mercurio fan since way back (Cardiac Arrest, anyone?), and I love his sense of the politics of places of work, the tense conversational battles for power. He was brilliant on the NHS, and who can blame him for moving into the police, because that's what it has to be about if you want to be on TV. He's got great dialogue, a terrific cast, and fabulous ideas. So why this compulsion to shunt it towards an action movie, as though we were all sitting there getting bored? L o D 4 starts with a tense situation, and Thandie Newton - what more could you ask? But the cliffhanger at the end of the episode is an unconvincing showdown fight that makes me wonder if i'm going to be able to keep watching. It's Ok, Jed, it really is. What you do is terrific. You don't need to tart it up with third-rate Hollywood.