E-mail to an MP

My MP Philip Dunne sends out an emailed newsletter to his constituents about what he's been doing. It is, without exception, purposeful and positive, like you'd expect, looking on the bright side. This week, he reports on Brexit, and what he hopes to see. What he doesn't comment on are the obstacles to its achievement, which is surprising, since they're influential members of the party to which he belongs. Here's my reply:

 Philip, hi. Thanks for your newsletter, constructive and optimistic as ever. I’m delighted to hear that you want a positive relationship with Europe, access to EU markets and protection for EU citizens. So do I. But what he have is government ministers making ignorant and threatening noises, a jingoistic approach to negotiation, and official hostility to anyone in this country who wasn’t born here. The shameful retreat over the Dubs amendment was bad enough, but yesterday’s walk-out sulk by Brexit MPs from the Parliamentary select committee suggests that you’re going to have to fight for what you want. Good luck.