Say sorry

Oh dear. Katie Hopkins is going to appeal against the judgement which says she slandered Jack Monroe. Hopkins' problem was that she muddled up Jack Monroe and Laurie Penny, assuming that since they were both anti-austerity then they must be OK with defacing a war memorial. Monroe comes from a military family, would never dream of defacing a war memorial, and throughout the case has offered Hopkins the simple, honest and inexpensive route of making an apology. 

Say sorry? How could she? It's only human nature to mix up similar people. And anyway, "there is absolutely no evidence that anybody believed the tweet I wrote." It didn't happen, or it was someone else, or it doesn't matter anyway. Anything at all, except "OK, I got it wrong."

She reminds me of kids I used to teach, volatile teenagers who assume that admitting anything is intolerable - lie, run away, or escalate the conflict, but never, ever, back down. And looking across the Atlantic, there's another figure with a serious case of the same affliction - any chance of hearing from any of his teachers?