Brilliant Broadchurch?

That's what the - misleading - Guardian headline said next day. the "brilliant" actually referred to Series 1, which I agree was stunning. Series Two was a mess (described on this blog, on Jan 6 2015) and it was the triumph of hope over experience to imagine that Series Three would be anything at all, but still, optimist to the end, I gave it a try.

It opened with a stunning procedural sequence, where the victim of a rape went through the process of examination - a slow, respectful piece of observation which was almost like a silent ritual. The David Tennant character, who would very soon reveal himself to be as selfish, impulsive and insensitive as he always was (and needs to be, for the grit of the series), somehow magically maintained a positive calm throughout. but then we have to fit all the old characters into the story, and the sound of creaks got louder. I turned off when Olivia Colman was required to act totally stupid when discovering that her son in school had been involved in handling porn. Sorry. Olivia Colman's not stupid, Ellie in Broadchurch is not stupid, I can't be doing with this...

It was once a good, maybe great, series. don't milk it. Leave it alone.