Over the cliff with Brexit

So if I'm going to claim to be an informed citizen, I ought to grit my teeth and watch the Brexit documentary. So glad I did. Nothing much there to cheer me, but I feel wiser, and clearer in my mind.

First off, we do not want a second referendum. Well, we might want the vote, but we certainly don't want the campaign - and the rage and spite of Brexit voters denied their due. It was sad to watch the Lib Dem man struggling to convince Leave voters that most young working migrants don't come to these shores to claim benefits. he's spoken to the migrants and these people haven't, but they've read the Daily Mail and they know they're right.

The real horror show, though, was the MPs. Johnson, Gove and Davies were cheery and bullish, confident that everything would be fine despite clear evidence from the programme and their interviewer that it might not be as simple as that. The Eu can't afford for us to end up better than we were; all EU negotiations take for ever, and are cobbled together at the last minute; substantial identified groups in the UK are going to suffer badly from this deal. So what? They know they've won, and their whole background and identity tells them that blustering through and sounding confident will be enough. Theresa May feels she has to honour the result of the vote, but the vote was always a lie - "Hey, let's just do it!"  We can't just do it. It will be complicated, and if the people in charge of our side of the negotiations think it's simple then it won't end well. We'll get a choice between a lousy deal and no deal at all, and what happens then?