The Will of the People ?

You have to feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn. This is the worst time in the history of the world to be leader of the Labour party. He never wanted to lead anything, and for good reason - he has no sense of organisation, of how things need to be presented to get people working together. He's honest and oozing with integrity, but to me his three line whip on Brexit looks like madness.

There's a kind of noble rationality to it, that you honour the result. Just like you hope the opposition would have honoured the result (although a second's reflection tells you that they wouldn't, ever. The seething hatred would have multiplied). There's a lot of disillusioned ex Labour voters out there, but are they going to be won back by a leader who doesn't seem to mind much either way - but who is passionate that there don't need to be any controls on immigration?I don't think so.

And the counter argument is so strong. The referendum was a huge mistake, badly conceived, and lousily campaigned - on both sides, not to mention endless failings from the media who covered it. As a result of that we're facing an irrevocable change which will cause us damage for years to come - if i'm a Labour MP who believes that, and who knows that most of my constituents believe it, why on earth would I vote in favour?