Reality TV?

One of the gains from Netflix has been House of Cards - the American version, hugely superior to the arch English original. It's fast, complicated and stylish, although at times I worry about the way the appetite for cliff-hangers and sudden reversals simplifies the politics. The devious Underwoods betray their way through Washington, overruling expectations and loyalties, cutting any corners that get in their way. Putin apparently admires the series as a picture of how Washington works, but it can't be as simple as that. Can it?

Apparently it can. Trump foresaw possible delays to his plan to ban any immigration from seven Muslim countries. Some of the departments involved might have raised objections, referred to legal obstacles. so he just does it. doesn't tell them, doesn't actually prepare what needs to happen if the measure is to be effective. Announce it, publicise it, and pick up the bits later. The Underwoods got the Attorney General sacked because she stood in the way of their schemes. Couldn't happen, I thought. Oh yes it can. The Attorney General Trump inherited tells him what he's doing is illegal - so whoosh, she's on her way. Welcome to the new real world.