Pinching it at the Death

Remember the rugby World Cup? On top, having had the best of the game, and then in the last five minutes a simple defensive miscalculation lets them in, and we've lost, and we're out. and on the basis of that one error England are branded failures and Stuart Lancaster is on his way.

What a difference a change of managers makes. It's Wales v. England again, a tense, tough, bruising match, and with less than five minutes to go Wales are in control. They have the ball, they ought to kick it into touch, but no, they boot it down the pitch. It doesn't immediately look like a massive error. But with superb efficiency Ford catches, sends a huge pass to Farrell, who send a huge pass to Daly, who steams past Cuthbert into the corner to score. It really was as smooth and clinical as that, and talking about it afterwards none of the England team sounded surprised. They're used to winning, and they think very clearly about how that can be done. Treasure Eddie Jones while he's here. England won't get another coach like him, not in my lifetime.