Apple Tree Yard

The four-part TV series Apple Tree Yard was promoted, very heavily, as finally supplying the truth about middle aged women and sex. I nearly ditched it after the first episode, which had much heavy breathing, instant coupling and a ton of loose ends. A friend persuaded me that episode 2 was an improvement, and by the end I was happy to watch through 3 and 4 to the end. The family stuff, excellently acted, was much better than the sex stuff, and most of the court case was well done.

Until the very end. There's her and him, being tried for murder and manslaughter. they work through the verdicts, him first, with the foreperson simply giving the jury's decision.. Murder? "Not guilty." Her, for murder?  "Not guilty."  Him for manslaughter. "Guilty." Her, for manslaughter? Big pause. "We find the defendant..." another big pause..."not guilty." It's pathetic. In real life, the four verdicts would be given in exactly the same way. But saying " We find the defendant..." every time would slow things down. On the other hand, they can't resist the chance to milk it, to keep us wondering at home, will she go down or not? It would be nice to be treated like an adult.