Internet - for good and bad

Today's Guardian feels like another bad taste of social decline. A horrendous story about survivors of the Las Vegas shootings, who've been targetted by trolls saying "I hope someone truly shoots you in the head." Because, of course, I'm a troll so I know you were lying in the first place. Ok, so it's a fairly sick person who's thinking that way but boy, do social media do a great job of reinforcing that by offering them an instant audience.  That's on page 23.

Then I turn over, to page 25, which has a story about a 27 year old Pakistani activist, who's about to become Pakistan's first transgender doctor. She was followed on her way home by three men, who threatened and abused her. she felt nobody would protect her - except her community on Facebook. they spread the word, shamed the police into taking action and - Sara Gill believes, probably saved her life. Maybe it's not all bad.