Grammar Schools

I'm gobsmacked. I had Theresa May down as realistic, a tad dull but basically intelligent.  Her handling of the Boris Johnson problem looks quite shrewd to me, while her instant dismissal of the whole austerity thing (by totally ditching George Osborne) was positively refreshing. So what's she doing seeking to revive grammar schools? OK, so she has nostalgic memories of what they did for her, but does she not understand that a new grammar school means three new secondary moderns? Are there lots of parents and voters lined up who want to send their kids to secondary moderns? Last time we tried it, that didn't go down well.

On the other hand, the advice she's getting may not be the best. The leaked memo from her top civil servant says they're going to make sure it's OK, because they'll check with grammar schools heads on how to make sure that those rejected from grammar schools don't suffer as a result. I can hardly wait.