National Treasure

Now that is more like it. Having moaned fairly steadily about the drama diet available on our small screens, we finally have something rivetting. it's got an immediate oomph, dealing with Savile type accusations/Operation Yewtree, celebrities under suspicion for sexual crimes etc...but there are so many ways of getting that wrong. Hiring Jack Thorne to write the script is a good start, but if you then get Robbie Coltrane as your central character you're cooking with gas. I've been a fan ever since tutti Frutti, and the big man did not disappoint. (He was even, like me, walking around with a stick - I know, Robbie, really, I do, I feel your pain). And his scenes with his brittle, disturbed daughter (the fabulous Andrea Riseborough) were electric. I have a regular TV date for the next three weeks, to which I can unequivocally look forward. Yippee!