The Gift that keeps on giving

Which may sounds like a strange introduction to Dominic Chappell, the walk-on part in the major tragedy that is Philip Green's career at BHS. (If you want the scores, PG sold BHS to DC for a pound. DC took £17 million out of the company; PG took £571 million). So I hadn't paid much attention to Dominic, until a couple of walk-on appearances in last week's Guardian grabbed my attention.

He'd got a £1.5 million interest-free loan from BHS so that he could rescue his parents' home from the threat of repossession, but was waving away any subsequent discussion of this with the assurance that he and his father didn't talk about such matters and it was nothing to do with him. Then he got picked up for driving at 64mph in a 40mph area (despite already having ten points on his licence). His lawyer pleaded for him not to be disqualified, partly because it might mean that he had to travel by train - and the last time Dominic travelled on a train he'd received critical comments on his conduct at BHS. 

The comic poem that resulted (see Special Pleading in Poems from the News) almost wrote itself, but none of the details, however outlandish - e.g. Chappell telling the speed cops that he used to drive a racing car - was made up. He did it all himself, and the sense of entitlement is just gob-smacking.