Economic Wisdom

One of the interesting things about the May government is how quickly Osbornomics has been ditched. The driving engine of Cameron's government was "Labour spent it all - we're the answer, but it means ruthless austerity."  Suddenly , different tunes become possible.


So it's all the more urgent that Labour should be providing new thinking about the economy. I thought it was a really good sign that they'd recruited expert advisers from outside the party - Thomas Piketty, David Blanchflower. Why should governments contain all the wisdom that's available? It's the refusal to acknowledge expertise that's fouled up Tory education policy, for a start, and that's not the only example. So it's really sad that Piketty and Blanchflower are walking away, sadder and wiser. I don't think it's their fault. He's right on a lot of the policy, but Corbyn - and those around him - are a walking disaster when it comes to basic diplomacy and tact. which means they won't make the most of the expert advice they are honest enough to accept that they need. Such a shame.