The Watchman

Oh dear. the familiar heartbreak, as you watch TV drama which looked as though it might be really good...I am a huge fan of Stephen Graham. I've been a huge fan since he dominated a TV drama about soldiers in Afghanistan, and sustained (very varied) exposure in Boardwalk Empire, This is England and The Secret Agent have done nothing to dilute my enthusiasm.

So tonight's one-off TV drama shows him gradually losing control inside his booth, monitoring video surveillance cameras which show him how his clumsy good intentions lead inexorably towards tragedy. Lots of solo stuff, close-up on great actor emoting - sad reminders of Ben Whishaw in London Spy - which I also hated. It's not the actor's fault. There just isn't the quality in the script to make that kind of detailed attention worth while. It's  a half-OK idea, carried out crudely, and a sad waste of a wonderful actor. .